The History of P1

The Powerboat P1 World Championship was officially founded in May 2003 when P1 Chairman Asif Rangoonwala, an avid sports fan began work on fulfilling his vision for powerboat racing to become the third pillar of motorsport alongside motorcars and motorbikes and in so doing, providing the one trillion dollar marine industry with a viable innovation, research, development and marketing platform.

The first P1 Grand Prix of the Sea was staged in Nettuno, Italy with twelve boats competing the majority of which were Italian, older style aluminum boats illustrating the lack of development this sport has seen.

Following eight years of promoting the sport of powerboat racing at the highest level of World Championships, across 14 countries and 4 continents Rangoonwala and his management team identified the need to build a stronger foundation for the sport focusing on three pillars of accessibility, parity and value for all stakeholders. This ongoing drive to improve the sport led Rangoonwala and his team to develop the P1 Panther 28-SS boat.

With the launch of the P1 Panther, the SuperStock series was born creating a wider base to the pyramid for offshore racer career progression and, as it spreads worldwide a new route to the top of the sport.

P1 continues to focus on attracting new teams, racers, manufacturers and sponsors to the sport as well as introducing new race venues, boat innovations and safety measures to build a solid promotional platform for the marine industry.

Not satisfied with the launch of the new one-design P1 Panther class, P1 has also introduced a new personal watercraft race series based on stock runabout skis – P1 AquaX. From a modest start in 2011 the fleet increased to more than 30 riders in the UK in 2012 and is set to launch on the USA in 2013.

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