Date: Mon 13 Jun 2016

Dino Zavaroni: “We will be the team to beat at Greenock!”

This weekend, Inverclyde head into their home round with massive expectations on their shoulders.

Their gung-ho approach in Scarborough immediately made them crowd favourites, but pushed their boat to the limit and beyond, leaving them pointless at the end of the round. However, early weather reports indicate that it’ll be a dry race weekend for #P1Scotland, which will definitely suit the Inverclyde boys better.

Spirit of Inverclyde of driver, Dino Zavaroni, said: “The weather here has been great for the last few weeks, so we have our fingers crossed for a dry day. Being at home is going to be amazing. We have loads of local support and all our sponsors are coming too.

“Hopefully, Greenock will be less rough, so we will keep the boat in one piece. We have been doing plenty of work on our start and we feel that this could be improved.”

And, who’s the team to beat this weekend?

Surely, we will be the team to beat at Greenock, but the veterans definitely have an advantage. With the rough conditions in Scarborough we haven’t escaped Rookie status yet.

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