Date: Fri 25 Aug 2017

End of Season Review: Arthur J Gallagher

A turbulent campaign was awash with signs of brilliant promise and some unfortunate circumstances for the Arthur J Gallagher Panther.

Aalborg, the first weekend of the season, was opened with them finishing in fifth before claiming third next time out which was later followed by seventh in the Qualifier and fourth in the Plate-Final, helping them take 48 points from the meeting.

The Arthur J Gallagher pair of David Taft and Andy Cousin went on to achieve a trio of eighth-place finishes before moving up to sixth in the final race of the Scottish Grand Prix of the Sea to lift their overall points to 90.

Technical problems threatened to cut their season short in Milford Haven as they were forced out of Saturday’s races. Andy Cousins and stand-in driver John Donnelly returned on the final day to seal two race victories before running out of fuel short of the finish line in the season’s finale.

With some great results under the belt and the experience battling issues throughout 2017, they are in a position to push forward from their 8th overall finish next season and move themselves within podium contention.

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