Date: Tue 31 Oct 2017

Magic Moments: 2017

This year has seen some incredible moments from the US and UK SuperStock series and here are some of the stand-out clips.

The year’s action got underway with the NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas as the world’s best riders descended on Mumbai in March with the World Championship title up for grabs.

Coming out on top was the team of Baleno RS and the reigning UK champions Sam and Daisy Coleman couldn’t be happier with their win.

With a field full of elite talent, it needed riders to push the limits if they were to be successful but the Mirchi Mavericks stretched the Panthers capabilities that bit too far as they ended up in a fiercely looking incident.

Calm conditions in the majority of US venues help the drivers be able to use all the horsepower in an attempt to win but that almost went very wrong for GEICO Racing but for a spectacular recovery.

Over in the UK, conditions weren’t quite as kind as South Street found out. After losing control and being thrown across the path of oncoming Panthers, they took a hard hit from PickfordsFX who had no chance of avoiding the collision.

Sometimes things all into place to make some amazing and memorable moments, we had exactly that in the final SuperStock race of the UK series as Milford Waterfront claimed the weekend victory in front of the home faithful of Milford Haven.

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