Date: Sat 23 May 2015

Vin Burdock Blog: Scarborough

Quantum Racing’s Rookie driver ready for his first outing in Scarborough

It’ll be my first ever race situation and to be honest, I just want to finish safely.

I would love to be on the podium because that’s why I’m racing! Don’t be in it if you don’t want to win it as they say. But I have to be realistic, I just want to get around safely and finish the race.

I’ll get a couple of starts under my belt and try my best not go in the opposite direction. I have so much respect for the guys and girls that do this. I’m humbled by everyone who I have met so far and for all the advice I have been given.

Literally, from having a RYA Level 2 and a bit of enjoyment on the Thames, I then went wholeheartedly out and bought my own race boat with a friend. She is a Phantom 20 with a lot of race history (Apache) now named quantum of solace as I’m a little bit of a James Bond fan and her name translates into small amount / measurement of comfort a perfect name for this type of boat. I spent most of last year rebuilding her from the ground up and then, P1 came along.

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