Date: Tue 26 May 2015

Khris Leach: The Scarborough Rough

The 300 Class rider wants choppy conditions in season opener!

Khris Leach returns to the UK after a successful outing in the Daytona surf for the AquaX USA opener. On a borrowed ski, Leach placed eighth in a field of 32 riders, gathered from all around the world. The choppy conditions and huge waves was perfect - slightly similar to the conditions expected in Scarborough.

“The rougher the water, the better. It then comes down to the ability to ride it. You’ll get people in the 200 class that’ll beat the people in the 300, simply because they’re a better rider in the rough.” explained Leach.

So, what happens when you encounter a large wave? Do you ease off the throttle?

“Nah, just hold it - it’s quite daunting. When your racing it’s really different to when you’re doing it recreationally because when you’re not competing against anyone, it doesn’t really matter how fast you go. When you’re racing you switch off and get throttle happy, then after 30 minutes, you’re shattered. You’re pretty much holding down all the time. It’s really draining.”

Leach will be on the starting line-up when AquaX hits Scarborough on 30 May, for the opening round of the 2015 season. Make sure you join him!

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