Date: Thu 28 May 2015

Duncan Johnstone: Tackling Some Serious Waves

The Dude hopes to fly out of the gates when the flag drops in Scarborough

A bit of a perfectionist, Duncan Johnstone has a couple elements of his game that he wants to improve on during the weekend, particularly his start.

“I had a few really rubbish starts last season. I’ve looked at the videos and it was atrocious. What was I looking at?” Johnstone said.

“I wasn’t even looking at the flag or anything and before you know it, everybody’s gone. I need to wake up on that start line and stop looking at the helicopters and things.”

Of course, being the champion that he is, nothing but retaining his crown will be good enough for the Scotsman.

“I’ll be on the SXR again in the 250 class, so I’m looking to take the title again. There’ll be more competition this year. I’m really looking forward to it. You can get some serious waves up in Scarborough, which is something we haven’t had before. There could be a bit of surf.”

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