Date: Mon 06 Jul 2015

Nick Brockbanks: Q&A

AquaX has a quick word with the Rookie Skier, who currently sits second in the 2015 UK Series.

1) When did you start racing?
I started racing jet ski's last year after I bought my first ski and met a current AquaX racer, who persuaded me to join.

2) What attracted you to the sport?
I had given up Motocross and go-karting and always wanted to try a stand-up jet-skiing. So, I bought one and learnt to ride it after!

3) Is there anything you are looking to improve on?
Off-shore endurance.

4) How often do you manage to get out on the water?
Living very close to Lagoona Park Lake, I get to ride 2 or 3 times a week in the season.

5) Are you happy in the stand-up or do you see yourself moving to the runabout jet skis in the future?
I'm happy riding in the ski class at the moment as I feel it's more technical, but coming from Motocross it's probably an easier crossover into the runabout class.

6) What are you hoping to achieve for this season?
I'd like to achieve a few podiums but I'm just looking forward to enjoying some great AquaX events.

7) What do you enjoy doing outside of Jet Ski racing?
I still enjoy my karting, but mainly just endurance races now. Mountain biking, fishing, shooting when I get time!

8) How does Jet Ski racing compare to the other sports you enjoy?
It doesn't tend to hurt when you crash and lower running costs.

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