Date: Mon 06 Jul 2015

Ron Burgoyne: a family sport

The veteran analyses the transformation of the sport throughout the past two decades

Since 1988, Ron Burgoyne has been out on the water, competing against elite jet-ski riders. Every weekend, he would drop by his little club and ride a few waves. With more than decade’s worth of experience under his belt, the veteran has witnessed a huge change in the sport.

“Jet-ski in general has gone through a lot of ups and downs. It had a bit of a bad image for a number of years due to people who were a bit foolish and caused a few problems, upsetting everyone. It’s settled down now. It’s more family-orientated now than it used to be.” said Burgoyne.

A huge part of the shift to a more family orientated sport can be attributed to the safety elements that the race organisers have introduce, as well as the huge open space that comes with off-shore racing.

“I personally think close course racing is more dangerous because it’s a much smaller circuit. You’ve got much more of a chance of getting seriously hurt there. We’ve had a couple of injuries in AquaX but nothing too serious. You shouldn’t have any contact in our sport because there’s plenty room. As long as you’re aware of who’s around you, there shouldn’t be any bumps.”

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