Date: Mon 06 Jul 2015

Niall Grannell Blog: Fitness!

The Irishman talks us through his training schedule

Before Christmas I was about 18stone in weight and I’ve dropped under 16stone now. I train five days a week to get my fitness up. I do cardio on a bike in a spare room, every morning. Then I do Olympic weightlifting training on a Wednesday and Friday. I do my own weights at home during the week also. And every Saturday and Sunday, when I get a bit of free time and it’s bright enough, I hit the water.

I learnt how to read waves a little better. I’ve realised you have to gun it all the time, you can’t just pull back and expect the skis to do all the work. You’ve got to ride the bloody thing. You have to watch the grooves in the waves.

I suppose one big thing is that because I don’t work outdoors in the trade. I work in the office, so I don’t have a strong grip, compared to some of the other guys. They work in construction, so they would have a much stronger grip than me. One of the things I genuinely want to work on is the strength of my grip because I could be as fit as a fiddle but if I can’t hold on, I can’t go hard.

If I can work as hard as I can and get as fit as I can, then hopefully by the end of September I’ll be challenging for a podium spot.

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