Date: Thu 27 Aug 2015

Flying the flag for Wales

With no less than eight Welsh competitors on the water this weekend, there will be plenty for local fans to cheer

You often hear sportsmen and women tell reporters that performing on home soil increases the pressure on them to do well, but the local P1 racers and riders in Cardiff will be hoping that the support of the Welsh crowds will spur them on to success.

There’s no shortage of Welsh riders in the P1 AquaX championship, with friends Damien Evans and Richard Rowe both mounting a serious challenge for the 250 class title. Paul Taylor runs the South Wales Jetski Club in Port Talbot and - together with Nigel Williams, Michael Haines, Wayne Lucas, Steven Combstock and David Coe – he will be looking to put a smile on the faces of the Welsh supporters at the podium celebrations on Monday afternoon.

Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry Cychwyn!

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