Date: Fri 06 May 2016

P1 AquaX World Rankings: 2016 April Edition

Aero Aswar jumps into second spot, while Mike Klippenstein breaks into the top 5.

Aero Aswar jumps into second place!

Aero Aswar jumps into second place!

Now in its third year, the P1 AquaX World Ranking (WR) system has undergone an overhaul for the 2016 season to ensure that most recent performances and race wins are the main determinants in a rider’s WR. These changes will take effect for the 2016 season.

The maximum number of races considered in an Enduro rider’s WR has increased from 8 to 12 in the latest 12 month period, while results outside 24 months will no longer count. With a shorter season, Sprint riders will be able to use a maximum of 8 races for WR consideration in the current 12 months and 6 from the previous 12 months (not applicable until 2017).

The points allocated to a rider’s finishing position in a race (for WR points only) has also been altered, with more emphasis on winning which brings the P1 AquaX WR system in line with other ranking systems from other sports.

Each race will be categorised as PRO, PRO/AM or AM which will have a diminishing WR value.

One of the biggest movers is Aero Aswar, who bumps up a couple of spots to second place. The Indonesian completely ripped it in Daytona Beach, winning the final race of the round.

Here's the Top 20!

  1. #911 Eric Francis
  2. #119 Aero Aswar
  3. #200 Phil Pope
  4. #212 Mike Klippenstein
  5. #117 Aqsa Aswar
  6. #220 Blaine Spooner
  7. #64 Joseph Harvey
  8. #50 Khris Leach
  9. #46 Tim Batte
  10. #77 Jason Russo
  11. #714 Domenico Barilla
  12. #71 Chris Saxon
  13. #255 Jeff Thornton
  14. #92 Richard Cable
  15. #34 Enrique Chia
  16. #666 Russell Marmon
  17. #502 Brian Baldwin
  18. #83 Damien Evans
  19. #361 Eric Lagopoulos
  20. #31 Hector Toledo

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