Date: Thu 09 Jun 2016

Wonderkid Oban Duncan is set to beat the boys in Greenock!

Away from the P1 SuperStock and AquaX racing this weekend, a young star from Scotland will step into the spotlight.

Ready to show the boys how it's done in Greenock!

Ready to show the boys how it's done in Greenock!

Don't mess with the best! Girl Power!

Don't mess with the best! Girl Power!

Oban Duncan is a nine-year-old Scottish RIB champion who will feature at every P1 event this year taking on experienced RIB racers Neil Homes, a seven times world champion, and P1 Event Operations Manager Gary Harris.

Oban is the youngest ever champion at her level and is excited to take on the boys. “I am honoured and privileged to have been asked by P1 to take part in the five UK events.” said Oban.

“I am excited to take part along with Neil, who I look up to, and it’ll make me compete harder than before. I’m sure I can steal a win from Gary! I might feed him some burgers to add weight to the boat, but don’t tell him…”

Secret tactics aside, Oban believes she’ll have another strong advantage during the showdown.

Oban continued: “Neil is a brilliant driver, very experienced but the advantage I have is that we’re racing on my boat. I reckon I have a few tricks up my sleeve. It will be tight, but if the girls get behind me that will help.”

And for anybody wanting to get into powerboat racing?

Oban continued: “My advice would be to go along to organised training sessions, learn the basics on water and boat safety, then progress onto organised race events. Or just phone a local boating club. RYA organise various events and would be pleased to give support and advice to any new people coming into the sport.”

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