Date: Mon 13 Jun 2016

5 Questions: E. Marine Racing

Racing in support of Help for Heroes, the Norvall brothers sit down with P1 SuperStock for a quick Q&A.

Glynn Norvall and Lee Norvall expect all the teams to be a serious challenge this weekend.

Glynn Norvall and Lee Norvall expect all the teams to be a serious challenge this weekend.

1) Looking back on Scarborough, what have you taken away from the event that can be used to enhance your team’s performance or strategy in Greenock?

We had the boat balanced well and looking to repeat our success of picking up valuable points and bringing the boat home in one bit.

2) What are you expecting from conditions in Greenock?

We have been keeping an eye on the sea state over the last couple of weeks. If it remains good weather, we expect calm seas with some small chop, which will help lift the boats and create some fast paced racing!

3) With it being the first ever race weekend for SuperStock in Scotland does this wipe the slate clean and put everyone on a level playing field?

No, not at all! There are some teams that will be looking to pick up some critical points and this could put the cat among the pigeons, while other teams look to maintain or improve on existing leads. Whatever happens, with 3 races a day, it’s going to be exciting and action packed!

4) Have your goals for the season changed based on results/performance in Scarborough?

No not really, we set out with a plan at the start of the season and looking to maintain it. Of course this does not mean that we would not take advantage of a situation if it came our way.

5) Who will be the team to beat in Greenock?

All the teams. We had some great close racing with Team Typhoo and Visit Wales in Scarborough but we have to treat all teams as competition. They are so many great drivers and navigators with different skills sets for different racing conditions. You have to keep your eyes on all of them or you could end up regretting it.

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