Date: Mon 25 Jul 2016

P1 Presents Marine Tourism Forum in Cardiff

The Council Chamber beneath the grand dome of Cardiff City Hall was the venue for P1’s recent Marine & Coastal Tourism Forum.

With its stunning stained glass windows, carved oak panelling and marble pillars, it provided a majestic environment for a special gathering of marine tourism experts and invited guests to explore and discuss this increasingly important sector of the multi-billion pound travel and tourism industry.

P1 Chief Operating Officer, Robert Wicks opened the Forum by explaining that the event was part of its marketing campaign and wider commitment to racing in Wales, and going on to say that marine tourism includes a wide spectrum of activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling, wind surfing, fishing, observing marine mammals and birds, the cruise ship and ferry industry, beach activities, visits to fishing villages and lighthouses, maritime museums, sailing and motor yachting, and maritime events like the P1 Welsh Grand Prix of the Sea which will return to Cardiff Bay for a third year at the end of August.

A report from the Welsh National Assembly earlier this year has called on a government-wide approach to exploit the potential for marine and coastal tourism in Wales to the full. Quoting William Graham, Chair of the Enterprise and Business Committee, he said: “The water that surrounds Wales on three sides is a natural resource that could be as valuable for its future as the coal beneath our valleys was in centuries past.” If developments elsewhere in the world are anything to go by, he’s absolutely right!

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