Date: Fri 12 Aug 2016

Experience Kissimmee ready for title challenge

You’d be mistaken for thinking the Experience Kissimmee duo of Neil and Jason Jackson were rookies despite taking their place in the P1 SuperStock Championship for the first time in 2016. The experienced pair have found their feet in this sphere and now find themselves charging towards a title challenge with just two rounds to go.

The Jacksons

The Jacksons

The boys will happily admit that things started out tough at round one in Scarborough, where they took a while to get up to speed, although finished a respectable tied 6th with rough seas causing several teams to retire from the weekend.

In Greenock things progressed nicely and by the time they reached Gosport in July they were ready to lay down their title claims with their first ever weekend victory. So how do they view the season so far?

“The season is going okay at the moment,” said Neil. “The Gosport race was just reward for the hard work and effort we’ve put into the boat and payback for our many years of racing experience. To be honest we didn't really have a plan, we needed to see what we were up against before we set our stall up.”

Now that their stall is well and truly laid out, who is it that the Kissimmee team feel are their biggest rivals heading into round four and five of the championship?

Quantum Racing are a very well set up team and a well maintained boat, which has the added extra of an on board Evo Etec engineer. Pertemps Network are similar but have a young, keen and eager team on board – who by the way are 25 points ahead of us!”

So what do Neil and Jason need to do to overhaul that points tally? Neil believes it all lies with keeping your boat on the water and a fair share of luck.

“What do we need to do? Well with the right conditions in Bournemouth it will be an even playground and in Cardiff we will be smooth, steady, tactical but fair and hope for, well, Lady Luck.

“Our strategy is to pick up points with clean racing. We’ll settle down quickly and hope for reliability. Oh and maybe try and lose some weight!”

“We have said as a team that top three would have been a hell of an achievement under the circumstances but now anything is possible. Reliability, sea conditions, safe clean racing – just try and stop us!”

Their progression from Scarborough to Gosport represents that of the fax machine to the internet – one of necessity but one of hard work. That hard work won’t stop now though as the Jackson brothers chase championship glory in their debut season. Can they do it? One thing is for sure – to quote a song title from a slightly more famous Jackson – it’s going to be a ‘Thriller’ to the very end.

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