Date: Thu 18 Aug 2016

The Great Gadsby

A quick interview with prodigy that is Lucy Gadsby, who swept every race on her P1 AquaX debut in Greenock.

1. How did you get into racing?

My family started going on jet skis in Rhosneigr, Anglesey. My Dad bought a Yamaha superjet, while I had a go at AVOS Watersports Den. My friends told me to try racing and in my first year, which was in 2015, I came fifth in JSRA British Championship.

2. How did you find your AquaX debut?

It was quite easy as there were not many junior riders. I hope they are starting a Junior class next year!

3. What’s the most challenging thing about racing?

Nothing really… I love it!

4. Toughest competitor?

I won all my races at Greenock and was presented the Outstanding Performance Award so there wasn't one! My sister is joining me to race against me in Cardiff! #TeamPocketRocket

5. What would be a good result for you in Cardiff?

To win again!

The Great Gadsby is back on it in Cardiff on 28-29 August!

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