Date: Fri 19 Aug 2016

Simon Gill: I am the best in these constantly changing conditions!

Gill looks to continue his win streak when P1 AquaX UK returns to Cardiff Bay, on August 28-29.

Simon Gill began riding jetskiing at the age of 8 and has never looked back, even giving up a football academy placement to continue with his passion.

After missing the opening P1 AquaX round, Simon Gill returned to win all but one of his races and looks to continue his win streak in the Welsh capital.

“I believe I can win the championship even though I have missed a round, as I am the best in these constantly changing conditions, on this powered ski, as I am normally used to riding in the GP class,” said Gill.

“Having rode for 20years now all over the world, it still amazes me that P1 AquaX are pushing the boundaries of the sport.”

The one event Gill did miss was sweeped by Jim Godchild, who Gill ranks as his toughest competitor, alongside team mates Tom Miller and Harry Robinson.

Gill continued: “I’ve raced with Jim for years and he is always the guy to beat. Unfortunately, I haven't raced against him this year, but I do miss racing with him.

“Tom Miller and Harry Robinson are also definitely up and coming stars. Having taught and trained Tom, I do expect him to be on form and hope to have some good battles and put on some good races for the Cardiff crowd.

“Harry’s also following in toms footsteps and is a rider to watch out for in the future.”

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