Date: Mon 22 Aug 2016

Lee Norvall: pot as many balls as you can

E: Marine are currently placed fourth in the overall P1 SuperStock UK Championships heading into the final two weeks of racing in Cardiff (28-29 August) and Bournemouth (3-4 September).

Don’t expect the Norvall brothers to divert away from the tactics that have carried them so far, but they’ll need to adapt quickly to the varying challenges that both Cardiff and Bournemouth bring.

“It’s a case of "pot as many balls as you can", Norvall said.

“Cardiff and Bournemouth are at totally different ends of the spectrum and we will have to adapt to that. We have not raced together in an environment like Wales before so this is going to be totally new to us as a team. The boat will need to be balanced correctly for this, so at this stage, it’s a bit of guess work for us.”

For the team, a fourth place finish is slightly ahead of the predicted mid-table spot they had been aiming for at the start of the season. The season has been really pleasing so far and they’ll need to continue their fine form if they’re to go head-to-head with the Experience Kissimmee team, who they describe as their toughest competitors.

Norvall explained: “The Jackson brothers are a great team with matching sportsmanship and have been powerboat racing for a number of seasons.

“We had some fantastic racing with them in Gosport and it was very hard work to try and hold them off and defend our position. It was a real brain drain for me and Glynn used every ounce of energy to get the boat where we needed it on such a challenging sea.”

E:Marine Racing compete in the P1 SuperStock UK Championship to raise awareness for Help for Heroes. To find out more about the charity, visit...

Norvall concluded: “Racing in support for Help for Heroes has also been fantastic.

“We have had a number of visits to the Tedworth House recovery centre and to see what happens first hand is a real eye opener.

“We have been raising money over the season and hope that we have also managed to increase awareness for these guys & girls. What they do for us is beyond comprehension.”

Big championship points are up for grabs when P1 SuperStock UK storms into Cardiff Bay on August 28-29 for the Welsh Grand Prix of the Sea.

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