Date: Thu 23 Feb 2017

Being a novice would be advantageous

By Gaurav Gill, The 2016 FMSCI Motorsport Person of the Year

Gaurav Gill, The 2016 FMSCI Motorsport Person of the Year

Gaurav Gill, The 2016 FMSCI Motorsport Person of the Year

When I was asked if I would train to be a powerboat pilot, it did not take me too long to decide.

To be a participant in the first World Series for pow erboat racing was not an exploit I wanted to ignore. I knew I was fast on land, but could I be fast on water?

The ocean is a different beast! Training with the Powerboat World Champion, Neil Holmes over the last few months has taught me that. Nothing is level on water in a way that is similar yet contrasting to nothing being levelled when you are rallying off-road. But, dirt has been a landscape that I have learned how to tame through my 25 plus years of racing. Water will be an all new landscape, alandscape that I have chosen to learn now.

Being a novice to the sport will be advantageous when we race on the first ever course-onwater. Having never formally raced in the sport, I start with not having any pre-learned winning strategies. Strategies which I am sure fellow competitors, who are the best powerboat pilots in the world, would have to re-examine as they race for the first time in their career on a course-on-water.

It would also be enjoyable to be participating in a sporting event that is tailored to being fan friendly . Racing next to the community and within their viewing distance will provide us that extra boost of energy that often you find missing in the short stretches of loneliness in offroad racing. While we won't hear the roar on the shores, knowing that your every move is being watched and analysed is also an experience I am looking forward to especially given that this is our very own backyard.

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*The article first appeared in The Times of India

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