Date: Tue 28 Feb 2017

Looking forward to the challenge

By Craig Wilson

In over 18 years of racing, I have competed in waters across the globe, yet, this is my first time in the Arabian Sea and I look forward to the challenge.
In the week I am spending in Bombay , a lot of my preparation for the race weekend starts by looking out of the window into the Arabian Sea. My observation down the horizon over the last 48 hours has introduced me to the multiple sea states and wave patterns.

States and patterns have deferred each day and are unique to this ocean. Part of my race, though, is won looking out of the window because a stronger understanding of how the ocean may function on the weekend will allow me to prepare myself for the race.

I am also studying temperatures of the water because, in my extended career, this is one of the first times I am racing in warm waters. The warm waters will result in our engines heating up sooner, which means we would have to race our boats in a manner that will have our engines in temperatures that will not allow us to lose any power and subsequently speed from the boat. The Mediterranean Sea has been one of my favorites because of the number of wins I have, but a week in Bombay will make the Arabian Sea my next favorite, post the three wins under my belt next Sunday.

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