Date: Sun 05 Mar 2017

NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand prix of the Seas Overall Results

Baleno RS Boosterjets took home the inaugural world championship title after Sam and Daisy Coleman completed a hat trick of wins.

Lloyd Dolphins were just two points behind, with Craig Wilson and William Enriquez pushing the overall winners all the way. Third place went Money on Mobile Marlins.

1. Baleno RS Boosterjets: 89pts
#150 Sam Coleman/Daisy Coleman: 60pts (1st & 1st & 1st)
#100 CS Santosh/Martin Robinson: 19pts (10th & 9th & 8th)

2. Lloyd Dolphins: 87pts
#21 Craig Wilson/William Enriquez: 30pts (3rd & 3rd & 2nd)
#11 Stuart Cureton/Sara Cureton: 27pts (5th & 4th & 6th)

3. Money on Mobile Marlins: 79pts
#99 James Norvill/Charlie Parsons-Young: 31pts (4th and 2nd & 3rd)
#999 Glynn Norvall/Lee Norvall: 21pts (7th and 8th & 6th)

4. Ultra Sharks: 64pts
#10 Gaurav Gill/George Ivey: 25pts (6th and 5th & 5th)
#20 Neil Jackson/Jason Jackson: 16pts (10th & 10th & 7th)

5. Mirchi Mavericks: 45pts
#983 David Taft/Frederick Bastien: 20pts (9th & 7th & 9th)
#95 John Donnelly/Kevin Burdock: 17pts (2nd & DNF & 12th)

6. HVR Racing: 38pts
#25 Frank Silva/Tony Iannotta: 7pts (11th & DNS & 11th)
#12 Darren Nicholson/Giovanni Carpitella: 12pts (Retired & 6th & 10th)

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