Date: Thu 07 Dec 2017

Sea-Doo’s new RXT-X 300 to be unleashed in Key West

Sea-Doo’s top racer on the AquaX Tour, Erminio Iantosca, could give the all-new RXT-X 300 its debut as he bids for World Championship glory this weekend.

Iantosca finished fifth in the 2017 series standings and held his own amongst an array of Yamaha riders racing the GP 1800, a dominant force in offshore racing this year.

However, Iantosca is hoping to get the upper hand on his rivals at the inaugural AquaX World Championships in Key West by racing the all-new Sea-Doo that promises to give the GP 1800 a run for its money.

“I’m really excited to race the new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 in Key West,” said Iantosca.

“Its amazing new hull design combined with ErgoLock technology and the powerful 300hp engine gives me a real shot to win.”

“I cannot wait for Key West to show everyone what I and the new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 is capable of!”

Sea-Doo’s Tim McKercher is excited to see the RXT-X 300 in action at the hands of Iantosca in Key West, but insists dominance in 2018 is the long term aim.

“The watercraft community is excited about the new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 for many reasons,” said McKercher ahead of the weekend’s racing. “Sea-Doo extensively tests every model before they are introduced and the new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 is designed, tested, and perfected to perform well in the conditions AquaX races take place.

“With that, it is a new model and it usually takes a little bit of time to fine tune them for racing.  We’re excited for Erminio to put in some laps in true race conditions to give him some momentum going into the 2018 season.

“Next year we’re looking to see full starting lines of new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 riders.”

McKercher says that the new model has been built with the rider’s centre of gravity in mind to allow for limits to be pushed, but insists it’s not necessarily a direct reaction to the Yamaha GP1800.

“The new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 is the most stabile performance platform Sea-Doo has ever offered. The stability at idle and at speed comes from the ST3 hull.

“The ST3 hull is slightly shorter than the previous three seat model and nearly 90 pounds lighter while being 1.2” wider. This hull is easier to go fast on with full confidence.

“The new platform has been completely rethought and redesigned based on BRP’s rider-centric development mind-set.  The rider’s center of gravity is lowered on the new platform by 1.4” and with the Ergolock system he or she will feel much more confident and be able to push their limits further.

“It’s not necessarily a direct rival to the GP 1800. The new RXT-X is certainly designed to be good in rough water while the RXP-X is still considered as the best closed course model on the market for it’s handling prowess – ability for the rider to lock in with the ErgoLock system and to precisely turn tighter than any other model.”

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