Date: Sat 09 Dec 2017

World Championships Press Conference: What the pros said

Ahead of the inaugural AquaX World Championship in Key West, many riders sat down to discuss their chances with Mikey Young. Here’s what they said.

Eric Francis: “It’d be hard to say I’m the best racer out there. There’s a lot of talent on the line and that’s one of the things I love about this series. I feel good coming into this round, especially after winning the last two rounds, and we’ve done a lot better with consistency. It’s really going to come down to who makes the least mistakes and who’s going to push that fine line a little bit more.”

Nicolas RIus: “I absolutely have what it takes [to win at this level]. Riding a jet ski for me is like riding a bicycle. If we look at the results this year, every race I completed I finished in the top three. I’m fit, I’m ready, I want to win and hopefully I can get a bit of luck and my ski will last.”

Brian Baldwin: “I’d say there was a 33.33% split sitting right here [for favouritism]. We’re gonna be battling. I’ve just got to make no mistakes and keep my head in it the whole time.”

Thomas Favolini: “This is my first race in America but I don’t fear anyone. I know these guys are fast but I’ve won three titles this year and I can’t wait to see what I can do with AquaX on a World Championship level.”

Erminio Iantosca: “People call it pressure [from Sea-Doo] but I don’t see it as pressure. It’s a brand new ski, we’ve done a lot of testing in the last month and I’m just happy to debut it out there and see what it can do in race conditions. The RXPX dominated closed course racing and I feel like the new RXTX is really built for the AquaX series.”

Jay Edworthy: “We put a lot of effort in this year, both myself and the team at JetX, and with help from RIVA it really brought my skill level up this season. Winning the Pro AM series in the Great Lakes was fantastic for us and competing in the Pro Series with such good competition has been a great adventure for us this year.”

Eric Lagopolous: “We’ve had some ups and downs this year and 8th was definitely not where we wanted to finish the season. If we’re not on top we’re not happy but the cool thing about this weekend is that it’s a stand alone event and we could win the World Championship with just one good weekend. I’m the dark horse but I’m calling it right now, I’m going to win this weekend!”

Jordan Lambert: “I’ve had a great time on the AquaX Tour season. I’m very happy because I’ve ridden very well this season. On the AquaX Tour everyone has similar skis and that makes for great competition. As long as I enjoy myself this weekend I’m confident of a good result.”

Anthony Radetic: “Jet ski racing is like any other sport in the world – you’re trying to be the best and I’ve been competing with the best racers in the world. Every single race you want to get closer to the number one guys and climb that ladder. With four races this weekend it’s going to take a lot of endurance to win the World Championship but strategy could be just as important.”

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