Date: Thu 11 Jan 2018

Throwback Thursday: When F1 took on AquaX

On a cold, damp day in London, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, David Coulthard and Martin Brundle came to challenge AquaX at their own game!

The star not featured in the show - Lisa Barsby

The star not featured in the show - Lisa Barsby

With a stand-up course laid out in London Docklands, the venue for racing years later on the 2014 UK Tour, McLaren’s British drivers were joined by the BBC commentary team to take on multiple World and European champion Jim Goodchild.

With a time of 41 seconds to beat, Hamilton took to the water first in an attempt to conquer Jim at his own sport. However, it was not to be for the now four-time Formula One world champion despite a valiant effort, posting a time of 45.9 seconds.

Martin Brundle 'cheating' his way to a lap time of 42.7 seconds

Martin Brundle 'cheating' his way to a lap time of 42.7 seconds

Coulthard followed, hitting the deck in spectacular fashion, and posted a time of 51 seconds. Brundle stepped up to post the fastest time of the day from the F1 gang, albeit on a Yamaha WaveRunner, only to have his time of 42.7 seconds beaten by Hamilton moments later on the same ski.

Up stepped Button, the last hope for F1, but disaster struck as he collided with a bouy and injured his leg, leaving him unable to complete a lap time.

However, what the film doesn’t show is that there was someone else who beat them all, Jim included - AquaX’s very own Championship Manager Lisa Barsby.

We think a rematch between Lisa, Jim and Lewis should be set up for 2018. Who is with us?

AquaX vs Formula One – Leaderboard

1. Lisa Barsby, 39.9s
2. Jim Goodchild, 41.1s
3. Lewis Hamilton, 45.9s
4. David Coulthard, 51s
5. Jenson Button, DNF
6. Martin Brundle, DSQ

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