Date: Thu 14 May 2020

Pit Pass Live! Episode 1

P1 AquaX webshow hosted by Kevin Harris with guests P1 CEO, Azam Rangoonwala, Head of AquaX -Global, Lisa Barsby and P1 USA Championship Manager, Michelle Petro.

With its international race programme on hold, P1 AquaX has announced that it will be launching a live web show on Facebook this evening (May 12) .

Hosted by experienced sports presenter Kevin Harris who, as the anchorman on AquaX television broadcasts around the world over the past 8 years, has become a familiar face to marine motorsport fans, the 30-minute show will be aired weekly on Wednesdays at 6.00pm EST/11 pm GMT. “The live format will be exciting, challenging and hopefully entertaining,” said Kevin “and I’m looking forward to talking to guests from across the pwc world to discover what’s happening away from the water right now.”

Pit Pass LIVE was originally live on from 6.00pm EST/11pm GMT on May 13 2020, however you can still watch it in the panel above. Fast forward to the start of the video.

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